Dedicated. Supportive.

As a dynamic company we would like to share our success by supporting and sponsoring social partners and sports teams.

Our current commitments include:

Boxes Social Commitments

Since 2005 we support Tour Gingko/the Christiane Eichenhofer Foundation for gravely ill children. Since 2011 Thomas Hillenbrand is one of 6 major supporters of the Foundation.

Thomas Hillenbrand is a founding member of the initiative "Clowns mit Herz". It is a matter close to our heart to put a smile on the faces of sick children. We actively support the initiative "Clowns mit Herz" in our home region Rems-Murr.

Members of the Lions-Club not only stand out by actively contributing to social programs, but also by their personal commitment and a high degree of interpersonal skills and social responsibility. Thomas Hillenbrand has been a member for many years.

The IHK Region Stuttgart represents approximately 160,000 companies. Thomas Hillenbrand is an elected member of both the general assembly in Stuttgart, the governing body of the IHK, and the district assembly Rems-Murr.

Another project is the handball club TV Bittenfeld Handball GmbH.  This “simple” club has an impressive track record.  They are not only successful on an athletic level, but also economically and in the field of networking.  We support this cause.

It is important for us to support the top sport in the Stuttgart region. As a premium partner, we are committed to the VfB Stuttgart and look forward to a successful season.

Foundation council member Thomas Hillenbrand is committed to the Wiesheu Foundation with focus on the promotion of science and research in the food sector.

The soccer sports club Spielgemeinschaft Breuningsweiler – Steinach – Birkmannsweiler promotes the training of young talents in their teams. Business partners Weller, Jenner and Hillenbrand support this cause wholeheartedly.