Interview for „Le DELUXE MALLORCA“ with T. Hillenbrand17.07.2017

„Le DELUXE MALLORCA“ magazine shows an article about our CEO Thomas Hillenbrand in its current summer edition.
In the interview XStraw® is mentioned, as well as the company DS-Technology GmbH, what does Thomas Hillenbrand at Mallorca in March and his recomendation where to go on the island. Have fun reading!

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donation cheque for Tour Ginkgo 201713.07.2017

Thomas Hillenbrand (one of the main sponsors of Tour Ginkgo and CEO of DS-Technology GmbH) presented Christiane Eichenhöfer, name giver to the Christiane Eichenhöfer foundation, with a donation cheque that will support the project „Olgäle-Follow-up care“, located at Olga hospital in Stuttgart.

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Karate World Champion visits DS Technology05.07.2017

VIP visit to DS-Technology at Winnenden:
The three-time Karate World Champion Thomas Lamm ( demonstrated great interest in becoming acquainted with the XStraw® and was thrilled about the functioning, applicability and potency of the XStraw®.

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Premium partner for VfB05.07.2017
It is our goal to support top sport in the Stuttgart region. As a premium partner, we are committed to the side of VfB Stuttgart and look forward to the rapid re-entry into the Bundesliga and to a successful season.

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Partner meeting...23.02.2017

Business meeting with our exclusive partner Essentra Porous Technologies GmbH

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Challenges in Design and Process Development of Dose Sipping Technology Products05.03.2016

Presentation by Prof. Dr. Bartholomäus, Pharmakreativ Consulting, Aachen Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, TU Braunschweig on the 1. SPhERe Symposium Oct. 2015 in Braunschweig

Purchase Order: XStraw® for 7 different active ingredients16.02.2016

DS-Technology has been contracted by a major international pharmaceutical company.  They will bring XStraw® on the market with 7 different active ingredients, and, at the same time, be available as a contract manufacturer.

DS-Technology picks up the pace01.01.2016

With Thomas Hillenbrand, as the new CEO and Managing Partner, a successful entrepreneur who actively manages the company with a focus on sales. Additional business partners, who predict a great future for DS-Technology, are Harro Höfliger, founder of the company that bears his name, which worldwide has an excellent reputation in the design and manufacturing of precision machines for the pharmaceutical industry, Markus Höfliger, CFO at Harro Höfliger as well as Thomas Weller, CEO at Harro Höfliger, and Hartmut Jenner, CEO at Kärcher.