Simple. Convincing

The XStraw® – the new oral drug delivery device for pellets thanks to innovative technology
The XStraw® provides a new and convenient alternative to drug intake. Especially for children and the elderly, intake method in addition to taste, play an important role. At the same time, safe intake and perfect dosage are often the decisive factor.


With XStraw®, the intake is based on a pre-portioned drinking straw. This method guarantees a complete and comfortable administration. In geriatrics, the challenges are similar: Difficulty swallowing dominates everyday life, thus jeopardizing compliance. Often the effect and safety of the drug can no longer be ensured, when e.g. classic tablets are ground in order to make them “swallowable” for the elderly.

XStraw® guarantees the exact dosing of active ingredients. Especially drugs which are dosed individually can be produced without difficulty by filling different amounts of bulk material in different doses. Use the XStraw®’s potentials in order to position your product innovatively, and be one step ahead in the market. Plus, create a noticeable added value for the users: simple and convenient intake.