Markets & Experiences

1.) Have you already sold pre-filled XStraw® and are they available on the global market? 


Indeed, products were already on the market. Information regarding preceding companies and products can be found under “ClaroSip® " or " AmoSip® " or DS TECHNOLOGYOur initial target is to find customers in the pharmaceutical industry. DST already has two companies under license contract, one in China and one in the MENA region. Nevertheless, these companies have started to formulate products to be filled into the XStraw. Market launch is expected to take place within 2019DS TECHNOLOGY will not introduce drugs to market simply because we are not a pharmaceutical enterprise but a device developing and marketing company. 



2.) Is there specific feedback from the users about performance?


Yes. In Germany, France, Spain, Mexico and Chile children and their parents were interviewed about their experience when using XStraw®. The result is very promising! 84% of children and 96% of parents said that they would use the system. The doctors surveyed were predominantly “very interested” in the XStraw®.



3.) Markets where products using XStraw® have been launched?

Marketing authorization for  Clarithromycin are shown in the table below

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Marketing authorization for Amosip® was granted in even more countries, without launching e.g. Chile, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Marketing authorization for Cefuroxim: the application was withdrawn by the former owner due to the project status, but it was approved in the following countries: 
Austria, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Lovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Venezuela


4.) Why was the product not available on the market for some time?


There were absolutely no pharmaceutical reasons: Neither with regards to reliability of the device, nor efficacy, nor product safety! This is why XStraw® can now be made available to the market rapidly and successfully.The former owner, a German pharma company, decided to fully abandon two of their three market segments, Anti-Infectives and Hormones, and only continue to do pain relief medication from then on.



5.) Why was the product not launched in some markets even when marketing authorization was granted?


Decision to step out of the antibiotics business by the former owner, a German pharma company, came earlier than market launch (which was already prepared for many countries by then); initially, the market roll-out was planned in steps as usual.After all, the former owner installed three complete manufacturing lines with an annual capacity of > 75 million XStraw® to cover many markets side by side.