Company & Supply Chain

1.) How does DS TECHNOLOGY secure the supply chain?


The same suppliers which have been qualified by the former owner in the past are still part of the supply chain
The tools and processes have been checked and maintained / re-established
Each partner is bound by an exclusivity contract. All suppliers have been again audited, this time by DST in cooperation with an external consultant.
Regular supplier meetings are held in order to maintain a high level of quality



2.) How is the relationship between DS TECHNOLOGY GmbH with Harro Höflinger, Glatt, Porex and Raumedic?


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DS TECHNOLOGY GmbH was founded and  was owned by Harro Höfliger GmbH, but also had two independent shareholders from other industries. Since December 2017 HH is 100% owner of DS-Technology. It is, however, an independent limited liability company. The DS TECHNOLOGY task is to promote the XStraw® and bring it to market with as many as possible customers worldwide. This could be pharmaceutical Rx or OTC as well as nutraceutical or similar health care products. Whatever can be formulated as pellets or coarse coated granules.
DS TECHNOLOGY maintains very close cooperation with Glatt GmbH, Raumedic AG, Porex GmbH and Harro Höfliger GmbH, set in exclusive contracts.
· Glatt has a GMP license (Germany and USA)
· Raumedic exclusively provides plastic parts of the XStraw® as a parts manufacturer;
· Harro Höfliger exclusively provides assembly, filling and packaging machine technology to process the XStraw® and pharmaceutical products respectively;
· Porex: Essentra Porous Technologies' (now Porex) products support essential bio medical procedures such as disease detection and prevention, laboratory testing and genetic analysis. Its innovations are found in a wide range of products from electronics to household applications.
These companies are legally and financially independent companies. Glatt and Harro Höfliger are family owned, Raumedic and Porex are a stock exchange rated companies. Of course, in order to secure the interest of possible customers, DS TECHNOLOGY has CDAs in place with Glatt, Raumedic, Porex and Harro Höfliger.
Speaking of the Intellectual Property involved, the IP rights to the XStraw® belong 100 % to DS-Technology.