Commercial Terms & Business Model

1.) What are the first steps to enter into real discussion?


Once a client wants to evaluate the possibility of using the XStraw®  with its own products the first initial step would be the signature of a mutually binding Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement CDA;
Confidentiality is the key factor of our business attitude;
Often, companies have the same ideas and market approach and therefore the information flow must be separated;
In case of a NCE, the situation is even more sensitive; especially if CDO services (e.g. re-formulation of a product to pellets with coating) are required; this is daily business of our partner Glatt; 


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2.) Can I fill and distribute XStraw® under my own license?





3.) Can XStraw® be produced reflecting our brand design?


Certainly. There are a variety of printable areas on XStraw®, and it can be individualized and adapted to the respective corporate design. Merely shape and design of the components are predetermined. Not the colors and print. Even the packaging is fully customizable.



4.) Do I need to formulate and fill by myself?


No, if required DS-Technology can offer development, formulation and manufacturing services with qualified and reliable CDMO partners;
Dedicated products such as penicillin and cephalosporine can be manufactures in dedicated sites as well;
GMP facilities for small-scale production (e.g. for clinical supplies or market launch) can be provided;
GMP facilities for commercial-scale production (e.g. market launch in various countries) are also available;