Clear. Benefits.

A new idea alone is no guarantee for success. In addition to innovation, it’s the daily benefit for the user that is critical in the long run. This is exactly where XStraw® is at its best.

  • Simple and uncomplicated to use

    The XStraw® is self-explanatory thus making it suitable for a variety of applications. Patients intuitively handle the XStraw® correctly. Thus, difficulty swallowing and other restrictions can be easily bypassed – the intake of drugs turns into child’s play.

  • The dose is right – for certain

    With XStraw®, the desired dosing is guaranteed. Due to state-of-the-art manufacturing logistics, specifications are exactly met during filling and dosing. The need for manipulation (for example crushing of tablets etc.) is removed.

  • Medicine al gusto

    Since the XStraw® can be used with almost any beverage, the user decides the flavor of his or her medication.

  • Always at hand – fits into every pocket

    The XStraw® is compact and flexible and therefore easy to transport – it adapts wonderfully to our mobile way of life. XStraw® makes taking drugs easy and uncomplicated – any place, any time.