Know-How & Pharmaceutical Background

1.) How does DS TECHNOLOGY assure their skills, knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical sector?


As an affiliated company of Harro Höfliger and in cooperation with Glatt, POREX and Raumedic we have exactly the right partners on our side, who guarantee us this expertise. At the same time, we have the patent and the experience from the first utilizations of the XStraw®.

DS TECHNOLOGY takes part in many events in the pharmaceutical sector, e.g.

APV conferences on pharmaceutical topics of all kind

EuPFI … European Pediatric Formulation Initiative

AAPS … American Association of Pharmaceutical Science

Drug Delivery and Drug Device Combination Summits and Workshops

DS TECHNOLOGY cooperates with universities and development companies in various fields



2.) Are different formulations for different age groups necessary?


Actually, we already discussed this topic (medicine for babies, starting from birth) with other Pharma companies and our partner Glatt, and we are considering to use the same micro-particulates. E.g. you could start with small beads in a sprinkle capsule to distribute them in some food to feed babies and young toddlers (up to 2 years) and then have the same beads in the XStraw to administer it to toddlers of the age > 2 years. Later, if children don’t find it cool anymore to drink with a straw you could go with the same beads into a stick pack or sachet. Nethertheless this is an idea which needs product-specific verification with the formulation specialists.
Of course, this has to be checked with the formulation people



3.) Does it need to be pellets in the XStraw®?


Ibuprofen / Paracetamol granules coated with a taste-masking layer have been tested and the function was found OK;
It is definitely worth to investigate granule-based products more in-depth;
Content of fines must not be too high, though;
Optimal particle sizes are in a range within
200 – 740 µm;
For sure, taste-masking is more easy with round pellets than with coarse granules;
however, our partner company Glatt developed coating technologies to overcome this issue;