Customers under License Contract

1.) Who dared to invest into the innovative drug delivery device?


1. Hisun Pharma in China, bought two commercial-scale manufacturing and packaging lines
(2 x 15 million annually);
2. Taha Pharma in Tunisia (MENA region), bought small-scale semi-automatic manufacturing unit with separate  packaging machine (800, 000 annually);



2.) What products do they develop or manufacture?


1. Hisun Pharma in China focuses on generic antibiotics, both dedicated and non-dedicated, in large quantities;2. Taha Pharma in Tunisia (MENA region) focuses on branded generics of high-value API; these API are:
Rivastigmine (Alzheimer disease)
Fingolimod (Multiple Sklerosis)
Deferasirox (Sickle-cell anemia)
Entecavir (Hepatitis C Virus treatment)