Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you sell the technology (molding and filling machines) or do you also supply filled XStraw®s?

    We can do either, and then there are additional possibilities. We assist in the design and manufacturing of the required machines, can provide supplies (caps, straws, filters) for production, and you can then fill the product on-site or at a contract manufacturer of your choice.  Alternatively, we can handle full manufacturing for you – from the initial idea to the final delivery of the individualized XStraw®, filled according to your specifications.
  • Filled with which active ingredients can you currently provide XStraw®?

    Currently there are proven formulations for 3 antibiotics: Clarithromycin, amoxicillin / clavulanic acid (7 : 1) und cefpodoxime. These products have already been available in XStraw® on the European and South American markets.
  • Will you also fill XStraw® with specific products?

    We do not plan to develop our own DS-Technology products. We assist our customers and companies from the pharmaceutical industry in developing their products – and, as partners, provide support along the entire process chain according to individual wishes and requirements. From brainstorming to the project study, to the machine design, manufacturing and the production and logistics chain. For existing originator products, which have not been developed for the XStraw® and therefore are not in the form of pellets, it may be possible to develop an optimized particle size distribution for the XStraw®.
  • Have you already sold pre-filled XStraw®s and are they available on the global market? Where (Europe, USA, Middle East)?

    The goal of our present phase is to find partners in the pharmaceutical industry. We signed a contract with our first customer in the middle of 2015, and they plan to launch XStraw® in 2016. DS-Technology will not introduce drugs to the market because we are not a pharmaceutical enterprise. Indeed, products were already on the market. Information regarding preceding companies and products can be found under “ClaroSip® " or " AmoSip® " or DS-Technology.
  • Can I fill and distribute XStraw® under my own license?

  • Can XStraw® be produced reflecting our brand design?

    Certainly. There are a variety of printable areas on XStraw®, and it can be individualized and adapted to the respective corporate design. Merely shape and design of the components are predetermined. Not the colors and print. Even the packaging is fully customizable.
  • How does DS-Technology assure their skills, knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical sector?

    As a partner company of Harro Höfliger and in cooperation with Glatt and Raumedic, we have exactly the right partners on our side, who guarantee us this expertise. At the same time, we have the patent and the experience from the first utilizations of the XStraw®.
  • What is the minimum order quantity?

    The minimum purchasing quantity cannot be defined in general. If you are interested in a finished medicinal product, it must be millions. If you are interested in a new development, we will be pleased to provide assistance during development. In this case we will start with “empty XStraws®” – a few to several hundred pieces or maybe several thousands. Later, it is possible to install a semi-automatic machine or “small” production machine (max. 60 XStraws®/min) at your site or use one at a CMO’s facility for filling purposes. Naturally, there is also a production machine with a maximum capacity of 320 XStraws®/min as a potential investment or it can be used at a CMO’s facility.
  • What are the costs compared to traditional formats such as tablets, capsules, ...

    Costs for the XStraw® are higher than for standard oral administration forms such as tablets and capsules. When comparing the costs with those of modern or more elaborate administration forms like stick pads, dry syrups with measuring spoons or dosing syringes, effervescent tablets etc., the differences are insignificant (with large quantities). There are added values associated with the XStraw® as an oral drug delivery device to keep in mind: Improved product loyalty and simplified intake. Therefore, the cost issue should not be the only decisive factor. Compared with the costs for more elaborate drug delivery devices such as pens, autoinjectors etc., the XStraw® is considerably less expensive and much simpler.
  • Is there specific feedback from users about performance?

    Yes. In Germany, France, Spain, Mexico and Chile children and their parents were interviewed about their experience when using XStraw®. The result is very promising! 84% of children and 96% of parents said that they would use the system. The doctors surveyed were predominantly “very interested” in the XStraw®.
  • Is XStraw® a medical device?

    No, XStraw® will be approved as medicine, since it is a device as part of a combination product. This means that the XStraw® alone will not be approved but only the combination, with the active ingredient being the decisive factor. However, the XStraw® itself has a CE-conformity marking.
  • Special cap features

    There are holes situated in the top part due to an EN/DIN standard for children’s toys. Should children swallow the cap, the air holes prevent choking. This was also tested in the past with Grünenthal by a Nuremberg institute. Furthermore there is an “olive” inside the cap, which guarantees the cap’s locking in place onto the shaped straw and thus a reliable closure.
  • Control filter features

    1. Closure located at the bottom of the straw, pellets cannot fall out
    2. Prevents the penetration of liquids into the straw from the bottom when placing it into the beverage; dissolving of the pellets is avoided
        (coating remains intact).
    3. The liquid penetrates the control filter when suction is applied. Its structure changes (pores open). This is how the pellets are
        mixed/dispersed and conveyed into the patient with the flow of liquid. The patient then swallows the pellets together with the liquid.
        The control filter also moves upwards with the flow of liquid and remains in position.
    4. Control function: After pellet intake, the control filter remains in the mouthpiece area of the straw – indicating the patient’s drug
        consumption to the parents/caregiver.
  • At what age can children use the XStraw®?

    Typically from the age of 2 years.
  • Are there existing dossiers at DS-Technology?

    Yes, a total of 9.
    - Cefpodoxime granules for oral suspension 60, 80, 100 mg
    - Clarithromycin granules for oral suspension 125 mg, 187.5 mg and 250 mg
    - Amoxicillin/Clavulanic acid granules for oral suspension (7:1) 200 mg/28.5 mg; 300 mg/42.75 mg; 400 mg/57 mg
  • Why was the product not available on the market for some time?

    The company who originally developed this concept withdrew it from the market due to internal corporate restructuring measures. There were absolutely no pharmaceutical reasons: Neither with regards to dependability, nor efficacy, nor product safety! This is why XStraw® can now be made available to the market rapidly and successfully.
  • What material is the XStraw® made of?

    Polypropylen (food grade approved)
  • How is the relationship between DS-Technology GmbH with Harro Hoeflinger, Glatt and Raumedic?

    DS-Technology GmbH was founded and  is partly owned by Harro Höfliger GmbH (HH), but also has two independent shareholders from other industries. It is, however, an independent limited liability company. The DS-Technology task is to promote the XStraw® and bring it to market with as many as possible customers worldwide. This could be pharmaceutical Rx or OTC as well as nutraceutical or similar health care products. Whatever can be formulated as pellets or coarse coated granules.
    DS-Technology maintains very close cooperation with Glatt GmbH, Raumedic AG and Harro Höfliger GmbH, fixed in exclusive contracts.
    · Glatt has a GMP license (Germany and USA) and can do product formulation and development services as a CRO and act as a CMO (only if required from your end);
    · Raumedic exclusively provides plastic parts of the XStraw® as a parts manufacturer;
    · Harro Höfliger exclusively provides assembly, filling and packaging machine technology to process the XStraw® and pharmaceutical products respectively;
    These three companies are legally and financially independent companies. Glatt and Harro Höfliger are family owned, Raumedic is a stock exchange rated company. Of course, in order to secure the interest of possible customers, DS-Technology has CDA’s in place with Glatt, Raumedic and Harro Höfliger.
    Speaking of the Intellectual Property involved, the IP rights to the XStraw® belong 100 % to DS-Technology.