1.) At what age can children use the XStraw®?


Typically from the age of 2 years
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2.) Is the XStraw® only for children?


In general, the XStraw®  is for everybody who doesn’t want to swallow big tablets or capsules, who isn’t able to swallow properly at all or who wants a choice in taste when taking medicine on  a daily basis …
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3.) Is any user experience with the XStraw® in real patient environment available?


The former owner of the IP rights performed a marketing study in 6 countries:

The results can be exploited once a CDA has been signed

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4.) What about possible beverages?


The former owner performed tests with a huge variety of beverages such as
carbonated drinks (e.g. cola, bitter lemon, lemonades, sparkling water and else)
non-carbonated drinks (e.g. (still) water, ice tea, cold tea, milk without cream, fruit juice without pulp etc.)
warm beverages (however, limited to a max. of 40 °C)
Even coconut milk was considered as a drink since in some countries it is easier to get rather than clean water…
Especially with chronic diseases, a daily varying taste (or the most preferred taste) can really help to adhere to the intake regimen prescribed by the doctor