Intuitive. Handling.

Medical products are increasingly faced with the challenge of having to fit into the life situations and daily routines of patients. In addition to simple and intuitive handling, unrestricted taste combinations and ease of portability are of great importance to patients. We look forward to discussing your product application possibilities with you. Please get in touch with us and tell us about your visions and ideas.

An easy way to take correctly dosed medicine

More than 50 percent of people (young and old) have difficulties with the use of tablets and capsules. Difficulty swallowing, psychological barriers against such formats or taste aversions make it hard for the patients to take the prescribed medication reliably. This is why tablets are crushed, dissolved or otherwise altered. Mostly with the result that active ingredients are lost and the dosing quantity is no longer accurate. XStraw® enables the simple and intuitive intake of the exact dosing quantities – with a beverage and thus a flavor of your choice.

Al gusto – drug consumption according to the patient’s taste

Instead of swallowing bitter pills, taking medicine with the XStraw® becomes a taste experience that the user determines for himself or herself. I drink what I like. In addition, I am taking important drugs in precise doses. A great relief for young and old. For better quality of life.

Benefits across the board

Combination of active ingredients with a liquid and thus flavor of your choice. Easy to use by intake with any liquid. Easy to carry and take along. Safety of knowing that the dosage is right. Simple, even when having difficulty swallowing. Intuitive application. Innovative and contemporary intake method.