Speed to market

DS-Technology was founded in 2014 with an unprecedented business concept. In a nutshell: Speed to market. What can be expressed so briefly has a very future-looking and complex approach in the background. Simply speaking it is about making new device system based on an existing and proven platform. With the goal to use valuable development work for different users and applications and at the same time to shorten cost-intensive and time consuming development work for the customers. For this, DS Technology examines new developments in the field of medical devices for their potential uses and offers attractive licensing and usage models which are flexibly tailored to individual customer requirements. DS-Technology is patent holder, creative companion in the phase of market approval (if desired), network partner and moderator between partners and providers.

Our DNA is developing new usage ideas and making valuable processes, technologies and patents available to potential prospective clients and users in the field of medical devices and in a network of professional partners and companies.