Marco Laackmann

Marco Laackmann

Business Development XStraw

You are responsible for the sales and marketing of the XStraw. Is the distribution model of DS Technology GmbH already in the minds of (potential) customers?

In fact, there are already many customers for whom DS Technology GmbH is a term. Currently however, we are still in the phase of product launches and are increasing our awareness level via very different marketing channels. Altogether we are fortunate that we are talking to many interested parties about concrete projects. It is fascinating for me to see the enthusiasm and creativity which the XStraw creates among the customers when they realize which opportunities it offers for their drug.

What creates this fascination?

Basically, the fact that the XStraw is a real win-win solution. Because with this new device technology DS Technology GmbH offers a big additional benefit to the pharmaceutical industry and the patients. Our customers can gain additional users for their products on the market. patients ,on the other hand (and their nursing staff) benefit from the simple drug delivery form.

Whom do you recommend in which situation specifically to think about the use of the XStraw?Whom do you recommend in which situation specifically to think about the use of the XStraw?

These are mainly the pharmaceutical companies which offer medication for oral intake. It is known that many patients users in pediatric and geriatric patient groups have difficulties with oral intake. Some diseases or treatment side effects causing dysphagia. Exactly this challenge is solved by the XStraw. This makes it a perfect possibility to improve adherence and compliance for the patient. But also for food supplement manufacturers, this technology offers fantastic opportunities.

Put in figures - which economic advantage or opportunities for the customer are associated with the use of the XStraw from your point of view.

Of course, our customers and prospective buyers know their products and the targeted patient groups the best. But they also know that the efficacy of the medicine is only as good as the patients are willing to follow the treatment guidelines.
Simplified drug delivery and subsequentlyimproved adherence and compliance will make, good medicines even more successful.,Additionally, successful products can be attractively positionedin the course of life cycle management. Here, the customers have to assess their market and the additional sales potentials individually. The device technology of the XStraw is also a very good opportunity for manufacturers to extend product protection by patent of exclusivity agreements.

How exactly do the different licensing models look like?

DS Technology GmbH offers different license models which are directly oriented to the requirements of the pharmaceutical company and the market. After all, a perfectly tailored licensing model for generics, lifecycle management or a new product development must indicate and consider many different factors. We conduct these considerations individually for each inquiry together with the pharmaceutical company and then adjust very sensitively until everything is perfectly coordinated.

How do you define the range of services which DST can offer the customer, which assignments has the customer to take over himself?

DS Technology GmbH provides all necessary services such as sourcing, design history or drug master file. Depending on the application, DS Technology GmbH can also support the development with proof-of-concept or basic formulations for active ingredients. In the network, we work with partners who enable formulation developments. The customer himself should be responsible for the regulatory dialogue with the relevant authorities and define the requirements for the market access. All in all, good cooperation is an important foundation for later success.