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Can you describe the XTray and what is so special about the XTray?

The XTray is a completely developed and tested plastic tray for Surgical Sutures. Together with the XTray we developed with Harro Höfliger the production equipment. So the product and the production equipment is perfectly harmonized.
For the customer the following two advantages are most important:

1. A complete documentation for the authorities to support the product approval
2. Other than existing trays on the market the XTray consist of just 2 parts. The plastic tray and the paper lid.

How is the distribution and sales of the XTray organized? How can I get further information?

Our customers and interested parties have two possibilities to get information:

The sales team of DS-Technology and the worldwide active sales team of Harro Hoefliger.

In summary: it is very easy to get more and detailed information about the XTray.


For whom and for what kind of task is the use of the XTray interesting and attractive?

Mainly customers which have an active portfolio in the business of  surgical sutures in general. Those are mainly manufacturer of surgical sutures as well as dealers and distributors of surgical suture products. A lot of those products are still packed in what is known as paperfold packages. If it is planned to pack a defined range of needle-suture combinations into one platform the XTray is the ideal solution. Among those the manufacturer of needles and/or suture material as well as all companies who are active in the field of wound closure in the portfolio.

The XTray is a very interesting solution for all who are in the development phase or thinking about an own development of a plastic tray. The effort is very complex. Due to the fact that we had our focus especially on very low pull forces for the suture the handling of the XTray for the end user is very interesting. And this is one the most important criterion at its final use and a significant factor during the decision for the correct product by the doctors and medical experts. 

What exactly are the advantages in comparison to the existing solutions?

This is definitively the reduction of the tray down to two separate parts. The XTray design is consisting of 1 base part (usually those are 2 parts which have to be manufactured and assembled in a separate upstream process) and the carton lid, so we were able to reduce the entice manufacturing process of the tray quite significantly.

What kind of production equipment is suitable for the XTray?

Our partner Harro Hoefliger has already a lot of experience in the different processes of surgical suture products. A huge advantage from the very first day was that we developed the XTray together with the designers, engineers and development team of Harro Hoefliger. That means the requirements of a precise and efficient high-performance machine have all been take in consideration during the development of the XTray. In sum a perfect package of the right product, the XTray and the suitable production equipment. Harro Hoefliger has the equipmrnt along the entire value chain for the production of surgical sutures such as swaging, winding and packaging.  

What includes the business model/range of services you can offer the customer in relation to the XTray? Which tasks and project steps has to be organized by the customer itself?

DST offers the complete package. That includes a wide range of documentation that´s required according MDR EU 2017/745 by the authorities for regulatory approval. And of course the required licensing for the XTray. With this package all iteration steps of the development are already completed and the XTray can immediately be used. The customer has to organize the approval of the local authorities in combination with the defined needle-suture-combinations. Here DST can provide support if required. For the required production equipment such as swaging and winding machines our partner Harro Hoefliger developed dedicated equipment. Among that Harro Hoefliger offers the complete range for the secondary packaging    

Where do you see the commercial advantage and what kind of chances for the customer are connected with the use of the XTray?

The economic benefit can be calculated if the numbers of a defined range of products and production rates. But let me summarize the main arguments for the XTray: no development time, no development cost, no additional human resources. The usual timeline to launch this kind of product can be reduced by approximately 3 years. Another very important argument is that the development of the XTray and the development of the equipment by our partner Harro Hoefliger was done in parallel and in interdisciplinary teams. So both, the XTray and the equipment, fit perfectly. And make it very easy to start with the XTray into a new opportunity. The savings and the advantage of the investment due to the use of the XTray are in a seven digit range.