26th August 2015: Drinking medicines with a straw instead of swallowing "bitter" pills

Winnenden – With the XStraw drinking straw, a new product from the company Dose Sipping Technology, taking medicine is now child's play and much easier for patients with swallowing difficulties – drinking with a straw is ideal for both young and old.

Many children pull a disgusted face when they have to take medicine, which is understandable: medicine often tastes bitter and tablets can be hard to swallow, the latter being a problem also for elderly people and those with dysphagia. Crushing the tablets is mistakenly used as a solution but this generally reduces the desired effect. Recent studies have shown that more than 50% of patients in Germany and USA have difficulties taking tablets and capsules. For those taking medication long term, an alternative method will be gratefully received. Fortunately, this now exists – the XStraw.

The XStraw is a drinking straw filled with tiny pellets, small enough to be barely noticeable and untasteable. Drinking a pleasant drink using the XStraw enables you to take the exact amount of medicine prescribed without the unpleasant taste or swallowing issues.

The drinking straw is filled with the required dosage on a fully-automatic system. Thanks to pre-dosing by the manufacturer, incorrect dosages are avoided. Whilst drinking, a control filter moves upwards, ensuring the right amount is being taken and avoiding spillage.

With the XStraw, patients no longer need to be spoon-fed, people with swallowing difficulties no longer have to suffer the pain of taking tablets, and there is no more need for sweet-talking children into taking medicine. The ease of use, as well as the choice of preferred drink, makes the drinking straw very popular with patients. At special request for marketing purposes the XStraw can also be supplied with a brand name or dosage.

Thanks to perfectly matched components made of polypropylene and an air-tight packaging in an aluminium blister, special storage conditions are not required.

Dose Sipping Technology: Oral application system for pellets

DS-Technology is our partner for issuance of filling licences. Customers receive comprehensive expertise and support in the development and manufacture of the multi-particulate dosage form ("pellets"), delivery of material components, implementation of the production process by creating suitable facilities, arrangement of licensing dossiers, and, upon request, contract filling is also available using appropriate equipment.

As provider of complete systems, DS-Technology offers the entire range of fully-automated processing facilities for filling the XStraw, individual packaging and cartons.

With regards to marketing, DS-Technology offers great support in the pharmaceutical industry generating new market potentials.

DS-Technology works together with Glatt, Raumedic and Harro Höfliger to accompany you along the entire process of value creation.  For the development and production of the pellets, Glatt is the expert in pellet coating, as well as the planning and implementation of complete production facilities, while Raumedic covers the sustainable delivery of all product components for the extrusion of the drinking tube and the injection molding of the caps, which are required for bottling.  Harro Höfliger is known for its expertise in manufacturing techniques for the pharmaceutical industry and offers extensive assistance through its Pharma Services for dosing and packaging technology.