Thomas Hillenbrand

Thomas Hillenbrand6

DS-Technology GmbH

Mr. Hillenbrand, with DST you are pursuing a completely new, modern concept. What exactly is behind the idea?

To put it in a nutshell, our central argument is: "Speed ​​to market", enter the market quickly and with minimal risk. With this approach, we reach new customer segments and also the well-known players. The principle: we offer companies fully developed, proven and tested medical devices including the necessary machine technology (filling, swaging, winding, production and packaging), consulting and expert knowledge in the field of medical devices for use. Via flexible license models. Of course, on request, our pharmacists and industry professionals also accompany customers during the approval phase. Particularly attractive for customers is the loss of costly and time-consuming development processes due to the almost direct possibility of using the processes. The times from decision to marketability and production are shortened significantly. This creates a so far unimagined dynamic with significantly reduced risk. With our license model, we are closing an important gap to the market. Of course we don`t do this "stand alone", but have the market leaders and experts as a partner at our side to make sure that products of the highest quality are created and the way to the customer becomes short and calculable.

Which products are already in the portfolio?

One of them is the XSTRAW

The XStraw allows pharmaceutical companies to offer their active ingredients (pellets or minitablets specially formulated for the XStraw) with the drinking straw in a new dosage form. The patient and user can then take the medicine with a beverage of his choice. We are sure that many people would like to use it. We know from studies that in the US and Germany, more than 50% of people are unable or have problems to take tablets and / or capsules. Interestingly, this is independent of age. As compromise solution, for example they crush the tablets or open the capsules. In many cases this minimizes or hinders the intended effect of the drug. The XStraw, with its amazingly simple form of ingestion, provides a great alternative, creating a whole new form of medication.

For providers of drug and nutritional supplements, XStraw is an excellent way to attract new target groups, deepen existing ones and to position themselves innovately in the market. The XStraw also fits perfectly into today’ lifestyle - in which people prefer products which make life easier and more enjoyable.


Another one is the XTRAY

The XTray addresses itself at a completely different target group. Today, for almost every surgical needle and thread combination there is a special packaging. The so-called tray, in which the needle and thread are positioned ready-for-use. The surgeon in the operating room expects that the needle and thread can be pulled out of the tray easily and quickly - and above all smoothly. The medical industry and the regulatory authorities require highest demands on technology and processing. The technical solutions for trays and the associated process chain are correspondingly challenging. Currently on the market are paper folding and plastic solutions, some manufacturers still wrap by hand for smaller editions. The XTray can be used for around 70% of all combinations produced on the market and can be customized according to the branding of the company. Therefore ideal for all manufacturers who want to switch from paperfold to plastic tray, for manufacturers who want to improve their existing plastic tray and /

 or for manufacturers who want to produce several different needle and thread combinations with one machine.

Are other products planned?

Yes, we are constantly in sighting and selection processes, we look at innovative concepts and compare advantages and benefits with the cost and development effort. Please understand that I can only talk about details when we are some steps further.

So much I can reveal - currently there are two new approaches specifically in planning.

Which companies do you specifically approach?

This depends on the product and technology. In general, we work in the field of pharmaceutical and medical industries. Our concept is interesting for companies wishing to expand their existing product range or looking for new ways and for companies that want to enter these markets for the first time. Because new developments and the associated requirements and regulations require so much know-how and capital resources, this is often too complex or too expensive. Not in cooperation with DST!

For all companies who want to save development time or costs, want to expand their portfolio quickly or want to buy and use know-how without complication, it is worthwhile to talk to DST. Very important in this context is the security and guarantee that the technology, process and machine are tested, approved and work reliably.

For the XTray of course still applies that large companies pursue their own machine concepts here. But even here there are already first companies that switch to our platforms. A new finding from the discussions with potential customers for us is that the XTray is also interesting for the manufacturers of needles and threads. The XTray offers these companies the unprecedented possibility of selling their products to new target groups.

From our point of view, the XStraw is of interest to every pharmaceutical manufacturer with suitable active ingredients in their portfolio. After suitable formulation these they can be positioned innovatively on the market with this dosage form. Even for manufacturers of dietary supplements, the XStraw offers excellent opportunities for modern marketing.

How exactly is the process? What do you recommend interested parties?

Basically, the correct first step is an introductory and exploratory discussion. What are the expectations and requirements – do they fit to our possibilities. If that's the case, it's about developing a concept together and pinpointing who's taking which role. We are able to provide only a license or can accompany the customer from the first idea through to the market approval. It is best to contact us directly at an early stage. If you are interested in using our technologies, we will find a good way to implement them. All companies who think about own solutions in these areas, we recommend the comparison between their own development and our proposal.

Are there already first successful projects?

Yes! The high number of clients who have already placed their trust in us at this early stage is surprising and of course very pleasing. There are already several projects and orders in different countries - with smaller providers, newcomers and what we enjoy particularly: with big players. But I can not tell you more about that. Absolute customer protection and a very confidential cooperation with our clients is a central part of the agreements.