Founded in 2015 by a group of 5 entrepreneurs from different industries as a startup, the interesting products and the rapid and successful development of the company quickly aroused increased interest from one of the founding companies. In 2017, company owner Harro Höfliger from Harro Höfliger Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH expressed the wish to take over 100% of the company shares on behalf of Harro Höfliger Verpackungsmaschine GmbH. DST thus became a 100% subsidiary of Harro Höfliger Verpackungsmaschine GmbH.

The people who have been responsible for DST since the company was founded and have worked meticulously on the development of the company are still on board:

Thomas Hillenbrand, Chief Executive Officer

Birgit Hillenbrand, Chief Financial Officer

Thomas Weller, Managing Director

In addition, a highly motivated team of experienced experts from the fields of pharmaceutical, medical device development, machine development and sales is working for DST.



From one source – conception, consultation, process, components and manufacture

XStraw® consists of several components which DS TECHNOLOGY, together with their partners, will provide upon request, or we can carefully supervise the entire component production. Thus, from the first idea to a perfect project implementation, you will benefit from the expertise and experience of the top names on the market. For your conceptual study or pilot project, we will provide you with experts who are familiar with all details and requirements of the pharmaceutical environment, and who have gathered years of experience from many successful projects. We provide assistance from the laboratory stage to the clinical stage and product launch all the way to the installation of a complete production solution at your site.

Service & Network – success criteria for your product life cycle
Pharma Services with a system – is what you can expect from Harro Höfliger when testing your products. From product examination to the supply of manual testing devices, we will support you during the entire development of your individual production process.
In our factory-owned clean rooms, you will have the possibility to test your production system under real-life conditions and to manufacture and package initial stability samples. Thus you can place your product on the market faster than expected.

Harro Höfliger’s support in additional service areas includes:
Project management / for the handling of complex machine engineering and manufacturing projects
Validation Service / for system pre-qualification
Customer Service / for the training of your operating personnel, maintenance, spare parts logistics and life cycle support


Glatt. Solution partner for your processes.
Glatt is a market leader in life science systems for the refinement and processing of powders. Glatt Pharmaceuticals Services has a strong expertise in muliparticulate formulations, taste masking and galenical development of pediatric dosage forms. We support your product development from technical feasibility via Clinical supplies through commercial manufacturing.


„Our goal is to develop new means and possibilities to preserve a high quality of life and to restore the health of those who have been
struck ill.“
RAUMEDIC – headquartered in Helmbrechts - combines decades of experience in medical technology with the efficiency and drive of a modern company. The medium-sized, owner-operated company places high value on the quality of polymer and elastomer product concepts. Produced through extrusioninjection molding and assembly, these can be used in many fields within the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Using their own research and development along with engineering, RAUMEDIC develops custom products and manufactures these exclusively in Germany. The company has a global distribution network and is represented in selected markets by their own distribution companies. 


Our partner for desiccant parts.
CSP’s patented technology enables common desiccants like silica gel, molecular sieves, and other scavengers to be integrated directly into a polymer matrix. CSP’s materials can be engineered to scavenge a variety of gases including moisture, oxygen, odors and aldehydes. CSP Technologies is an ISO-9001:2015 certified manufacturer of packaging solutions. CSP has expertise in design, development, mold building, manufacturing and packaging automation integration. CSP engineers can provide you with efficient and economical packaging solutions to ensure product protection throughout shelf life and consumer use life.






Basically, DST is at home in the technology areas of the devices offered. The focus is on the development of customized processes, securing the supply chains and moderating the different partners to a solution tailored to the customer's requirements. And licensing rights to use the devices. The range of services also includes the necessary machine technology and support for the development of a market-oriented concept.

The license models and the resulting opportunity for customers to use existing, tested and approved solutions to go to the market faster and without risk closes an important gap in the market.