The XTRAY® combines innovation, experience and know-how from medical device technology, machine engineering and process technology to form a perfectly tailored product. Our particular focus is on simple, reliable and intelligent function, highest quality, excellent functionality and easiest handling. Safe and reliable dispense of the suture is essential.




Time to market

Using the XTray®  in comparison to an in-house development saves 2 to 3 years of time as well as all development-related costs, error risks and pilot forms. Even regarding disposal, there are environmentally friendly benefits.

Less complicated – only 2 pieces

Due to the elimination of one component compared to traditional needle-thread carriers, very attractive cost advantages result from less material, easier production as well as better sustainability and resource conservation.

no friction between tray and suture

Needles and sutures can be handled virtually without friction and therefore offer a perfect use for surgical nurses and doctors. Malfunctions on the product side in the application are excluded with the XTray®.

no memory effect of the suture

The XTray®  is developed  and designed so that no memory effect of the thread is possible. The risks and changes in the materials have been coordinated through numerous trials and developments so that this is impossible.

easy to handle

Due to the use of a uniform platform for different needle and thread combinations, the handling is quickly learned and the same for all XTray®  based products. In addition, the handling is self-explanatory and very easy.

one tray for a variety of suture/needle combinations

A basic component can be used for most combinations - this has a very positive effect on the investment costs and at the same time offers a great deal of flexibility in expanding to other combinations.

high automation level

With the machines of our partner Harro Höfliger Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH, which are adapted to the XTray® , a production of 20 pieces per minute is possible. With this high degree of automation, the XTray®  is also very interesting for manufacturers of large print runs.

entirely developed tray and lid combination

entirely developed tray and lid combination

no risk of product development

No risks in developing your own platform, but immediate use of an already developed and tested platform including a comprehensive documentation according to MDR EU 2017/745. The mold for the production of the plastic tray is provided by plastic injection molding manufacturers selected by DST.