Coordinated. Flexible.

A process perfectly matched to the requirements of the manufacturer exists around the XTRAY®: apart from the components XTRAY® and lid, the machines for winding and packaging have also been developed. The lid can be designed according to customer's requirements. For market approval, the experts of DS Technology can support.

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The XTRAY® itself consists of just 2 components instead of comparable products made of 3 components.

One plastic part as the bottom (mostly 2 components are required) and the paper lid. The abandonment of one component creates considerable advantages from a financial point of fiew but also from an environmental point of view. Less material is less cost. And less waste. Also in terms of production speed, attractive benefits unfold.

If you, as a manufacturer of paper fold want to switch over to a plastic tray, want to use a certified process and suture carrier for different needle-suture-combinations. Or if you would like to enter the market very fast without extensive development - contact our sales experts now. We would like to highlight all advantages, options and opportunities for your task together with you and your team.

By the way, the machine technology for the XTRAY® can be used quickly without complicated technical adjustments.
The adaptation of flexible printing parameters such as company names, product names and important information is possible at any time.