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One source for – conception, consultation, process, components and manufacturing, the challenge how to cover the spectrum of more than 1,000 suture/needle combinations with one single product?
With an unique combination of creativity, engineering, process and manufacturing experience, we have an innovative and convincing answer:

The XTRAY®. For manufacturers and distributors of medical devices, this technology offers the possibility to quickly enter the market with their own product line and their own branding. A variety of all likely suture/needle combinations can be produced and production processes already exist and can be used. It takes only two components to form the XTRAY®: lid and tray. Both are made of high-quality materials in certified processes. The automated production process of suture sets enables production, packaging and customization at low costs. Therefore the multi-year period from development to market readiness is shortened to a few months and the risks are reduced to a minimum.

The Partners and experts in their respective fields at a glance:


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Harro Höfliger – our partner for the dosing and packaging technology
Harro Höfliger is the industry leader for the development and implementation of production technologies for the pharmaceutical industry and offers wide-ranging support with their Pharma Services.